SRB top
SRB top02


Main rotor diameterF355mm
Tail rotor diameterF106mm

Gear ratio@5.29:1 iMain bladej
4:1iTail bladej

Stabilizer is made of soft plastic to absorb damage. In time of crash, whole stabilizer comes off (like XRB series) to lessen crash damage.

Rotor head
Bell/Hiller/pitch is fixed. Blade/stabilizer angle is 45This head design is not for acrobatics.

Main/tail blade
Foam blade used for main rotor and tail rotor to prevent damage/injury.

SDRDB Main Circuit Unit
FM PPM receiver, gyro, and ESC (for both main and tail rotor) included.

New design battery and charger is used. Lightweight battery enables 10 minutes flight with approx one hour charge. Charger is equipped with cell balancer.

Full set with transmitter and transmitter less set is available.
Transmitter is same as 4ch transmitter for XRB SR series. If you already have XRB SR, you can use same transmitter for SRB Quark.

Both main/tail blade are made of foam to prevent crash damage and injury. Stabilizer blade is soft plastic to absorb crash damage. Like XRB, stabilizer comes off when helicopter crash. Damage to helicopter/furniture/injury will be less.

Outside flight
For outdoor flight, SRB Quark can handle wind of less than 3m. For beginners, we recommend flying at no wind weather.

Easy to fly mechanism
Helicopter could drift sideways, which is common to all single rotor design helicopters.SRB Quark has special design skid, making helicopter slightly tilted when it is on ground. Even if you are not familiar with this design, you can easily take off.

Transmitter range : Aprrox 70m
If you are flying at large indoor space or outdoor, be careful with transmitter range. If helicopter flies out of the range, it enters fail safe mode and motor slowly turns off. In this case, helicopter could crash if it were flying high. Transmitter range could vary with flying conditions.

Allow a minimum of three meters of clear space around yourself in all directions. If there is an obstruction nearby such as walls or furniture,the SKY-ROBO will be drawn to the obstruction.
As you again experience,you should still practice keeping a safe area.

Never fly this product in the following places.
In strong winds,rain,snow,thunder or other bad weather
At night,when the flying unit is difficult to see
Near buildings,roads,railways,power lines or airports
In crowded areas,or around children or pets
When remote-controlled models using the same frequency are nearby
Please read Page 1 for further details,and focus on flying safely.
While getting used to the controls,we advise flying when there are no or light winds.
Furthermore,control becomes very difficult when the wind speed is 3m or more. Please do not attempt to fly this unit in high winds.

If other people are using wireless remote|controlled models nearby,be sure to checkwhich frequency they are using. Also,be sure to tell others which band you are using.@Attenpting to use same band at the same time may lead to improper operation and is extremely dangerous.

To ensure safety,please read this manual thoroughly before flying the model.We request that you make yourself familiar with the cautions, the flying the capacity of this model plane, how to fly it, and use of this product while observing safety rules and flying manners.

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