30 class Lama, one of HIROBO's most popular 30 class helicopter is renewed. The new Lama has Cockpit and exterior set as standard equipment. Now, standard rotor head (Not MRB-III rotor head) has 4mm drug bolt, and SE2 clutch shoe is also a standard equipment. Reinforced engineering plastic parts are used for side cover, tail truss, etc for more strength.

S-30 Frame Series
S-30 Frame is developed to provide specific features necessary for scale helicopters.For example,a shaft driven tail drive gives efficient power transfer to the tail system even with in a limited amount space sometimes found in scale helicopters.Hirobo's HPM control system is used to provide super smooth and stable maneuvering.
The Model with S-30 frame are 「LAMA SA-315B」,「Schweiser-300」,「iroquois UH-1B
Main rotor diameter:1,244mm
Fuselage length:1,199mm
Engine class:32-36
46 engine can be used with option parts
0402-378 S-30 Engine mount for 46 engine
46 size muffler for OS46 FX-H
0412-122 SD fly wheel for 50
Dummy engine, tail truss, and tail gear design makes this helicopter real looking.
Linkage is full bearing specification with shaft starter system.
   (2513-053 One way starter shaft is sold separately.)
30 SCALE Lama SA-315B
Red Version
30 SCALE Lama SA-315B
White Version

OP version includes MRB-III rotor head, cockpit parts set,
exterior parts set, SE main gear Assy, and SE bevel gear.
>Main rotor diameter:1,089mm
30 SCALE Lama SA-315B
Red MRB-V Option Version
Limited production item
Option parts for 30 scale series helicopter
  • MRB-III conversion set
  • SE main gear Assy
  • SE bevel gear
    (Use SE main gear Assy and SE bevel gear together)

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